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History and Vision

History and Vision

For more than a decade, the ingenious babybay has inspired well over half a million parents all over the world. The extra bed was conceived, invented and developed by the four-time family father and company founder for his wife and the family's longing for quiet, relaxed nights with their newborn. Soon he brought his idea to series production in order to satisfy the great demand among his friends - the original babybay was born.

Since then, we have consistently further developed and expanded our invention and perfected it for a wide range of requirements - for example, the patented, infinitely variable height adjustment or the ingeniously simple attachment to any parent's bed.

Your baby will soon be able to sleep right next to you in the limitedness of its own bed and will feel your closeness - you will always have body contact without disturbing it by your sleeping habits. No more getting up at night for breastfeeding, comforting or cuddling. Finally relaxing nights for the whole family!

Now imagine your very own babybay together with the matching mattress, a soft nest and many other useful accessories - so that your little darling feels good all around.

Your babybay Team